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At beautyco.lab we apply a blended approach to learning via our unique Virtual Academic Centre (VAC); our unique combination of online courses and face to face evaluation will ensure that you use your time efficiently, gain maximum knowledge, and accelerate your learning potential. At BCL we give you the space to grow and the skills to shine. No matter where you are in your Nail Journey, whether you are new or the industry or already qualified, our VAC has a course for you!

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Already have a nail qualification?

If you already have a nail qualification, and would like to take your nail journey further, the below flow chart shows the many nail systems we offer through our VAC, and illustrates the recommended flow of courses. Please note courses must be completed in order.


Our Nail Systems

Looking for a Learnership?

If you think you may be eligible for a fully sponsored Learnership please get in touch with us.

New to the world of nails?

If you’re new to the world of nails and are looking to get started, the below diagram shows the path you’ll take on your Nail Technology Accreditation journey. This should take 12 months.